MusicGraph API Documentation

User Graph Overview

MusicGraph now offers new endpoints that focus on real-time user profile modeling and personalization.

Our improved engine now enables our partners to easily create detailed and semantically connected user profiles within a “user graph” that stores and tracks real-time user data such as personalized radio stations, station tuning preferences, listening history, track likes and dislikes. Soon it will also support user personal data, music collections, playlists, locations, social connections (friends and followers), user activities, devices, locations and a growing ontology of semantic entities.

The new API endpoints provide for easy user, station, and session creation along with simple mechanisms to submit user feedback and listening activity, keeping our API notoriously simple to implement and integrate. The diagram below outlines the recommended workflow to leverage this personalization API.

Flow Diagram for Users

User Call Sequence

Flow Diagram for User Stations

User Stations Call Sequence

Flow Diagram for Station Sessions

User Stations Call Sequence